What's On | Brighton Pier

What's On

From live entertainment, to superhero days, firework displays and music festivals, we’ve got the lowdown on everything going on. Why not tie in an event with a visit to Brighton Pier for a weekend packed to the rafters with fun.

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We don’t have an event going on in this month, but with so much going on at Brighton Pier, there's still plenty of reasons to come and visit us!

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Face Painting in Palm Court
Mar 24th -
Mar 25th 2018

Talented face painters and happy children, as part of English Tourism Week! Get your kids faces painted for FREE, if you enjoy a meal in Palm Court this weekend. Yippee!

Palm Court

LIVE Boxing: Joshua V Parker
Mar 31st 2018

Joshua V Parker! We're showing the LIVE fight on the big screen. Join us in Horatio's Bar for Easter Weekend.

Horatio's Bar, (Starts) 6pm, (Main fight) 10.30pm

Celebrate Brighton with ETW18
Mar 24th 2018

It's English Tourism Week! Join us on the forecourt of Brighton Palace Pier and we'll celebrate everything Brighton! Find out more here ...

Forecourt, Brighton Palace Pier, 11am-5pm

Easter Sunday: Elvis Shmelvis
Apr 1st 2018

Elvis Shmelvis is probably the most recognised Elvis impersonator in the UK, with a string of television cameos under his belt. Join us in Horatio's Bar where Elvis will be singing classic hits from Love Me Tender to Suspicious Minds.

Horatio's Bar, 3pm

Bank Holiday Monday: Long Time Gone
Aug 27th 2018

Join Long Time Gone in Horatio's Bar for all the best that rock has to offer. Covers include Whitesnake, Motorhead, Bon Jovi!

Horatio's Bar, 2pm

Easter Monday Bank Holiday: Iron Tyger
Apr 2nd 2018

Absolutely guaranteed to be the best way you can spend Easter Monday. Rock out in Horatio's Bar where Iron Tyger will be covering all the classic rock songs, from Bon Jovi to Queen!

Horatio's Bar, 3pm

Iron Tyger
Aug 25th 2018

Rock out in Horatio's Bar where Iron Tyger will be covering all the classic 80's rock songs you love, from Bon Jovi to Queen!

Horatio's Bar, 2pm

The Treason Show
Mar 23rd -
May 12th 2018

Laugh out loud with The Treason Show! Horatio's Bar will be hosting this legendary satirical comedy show from Friday 23 March! Find out more and how to get tickets here.

Starling Murmurations
Jan 1st -
Mar 29th 2018

Join us at dawn and at dusk and witness the wonderful Starling (Sturnus Vulgaris) formations off Brighton Palace Pier! Look up as these wonderful birds fly over your head and then listen out for the rustling under the Pier. Most Winter days.

Fantastic Fridays
Mar 2nd -
Mar 23rd 2018

Until Friday 23 March all Fridays are FANTASTIC! ALL DAY! £10 wristband deal. £7 Kids wristband deal (under 1.2m). Only on Friday the 2, 9, 16, 23 of March 2018. Buy them here

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