Brighton Pier is famous for its thrilling rides, we have rides which will spin you around, turn you upside down and send you hurtling towards the sea. You may even need your rain coat for one of our splash landings.  

Scream if you want to go faster, this ride really does go faster the louder you scream! The Booster accelerates to a force of over 3.6G’s in 2.8 seconds, standing over 130 feet tall and rotating you 360 degrees through the air- you can't help but scream. 

Our Twister and Galaxia rides spin at great speeds making all the lights around you blur into one. Spin and twist on The Crazy Mouse; a combination of the spinning Waltzer and the speed of The Turbo Coaster. Don’t be fooled it may look as quiet as a mouse but it's got the roar of a lion.  

On Brighton Pier we do not only offer ice-creams to cool you down in the summer, we also recommend that you take an aquatic ride on The Wild River flume. As you climb the water mountain be prepared for a rapid descent and a serious splash landing.

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