I was sat, shaded, in the magnificent outside area of Victoria’s Bar, in Palm Court (It was too hot to sit anywhere else!) and shortly after finishing my fantastic Seaside Celebration meal, Giselle turned up. It was lucky that I had finished because I know that Giselle has a reputation for stealing food. I’d also ordered one of Victoria Bar’s finest cocktails and I was just about to carelessly throw my straw over the side of Brighton Palace Pier when Giselle yelled at me to stop.

“Don’t you know that water pollution is a global problem and if we don’t act now we won’t be able to save our planet!?!”

I smiled. Fortunately for me, I had the upper hand.

“All the straws in Palm Court Restaurant are paper and therefore biodegradable!” I said.

Giselle relaxed instantly.

It was then that I looked over and saw that a passer-by was about to throw his chips over the side of the Pier. I was just about to act when Giselle yelled out: “I’m on it!” and dive-bombed the sea-bed. In one swoop she collected all the chips in her mouth. “I could get used to saving the environment,” Giselle squeaked as she swallowed the last of her chips.

On World Oceans Day 2018, Waterlogic is uncovering the water pollution and its devastating effect on our marine environment across America, Africa, Australia, Asia and Europe. See the infographic below on Water Pollution …

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