“I think a bow tie for you, Kully!” Giselle squawked.

“Well, I’m thinking a different coloured cap and your Gucci leather jacket!”

Giselle, Kully and myself were all getting ready for the opening of the fully refurbished Palm Court Restaurant and we were all so excited that we couldn’t decide what to wear.

It was Giselle who had informed us all of the news. Palm Court was under a multi-million pound refurbishment. Fully refurbished with a new kitchen, new sign and, most importantly, a brand new menu! The new designs would make Shoreditch pale in comparison. It would be opening very soon and only VIP’s would be allowed to enter on opening night!

I’d actually considered a brand new wardrobe just for the opening night but had decided against it as I didn’t really have enough time to shop!

I was just about to turn to Giselle and mention the red stilettos she’d worn to the official Paris bird walk 2017 when the door to Horatio’s flew open and Karina stood in the doorway.

“Have you seen my new dress, darling! My new boyfriend recently bought it for me! Isn’t it fabulous! Now I just need an event to wear it to.”

We all looked at each other in amusement. Karina obviously hadn’t heard the news.

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