Biker Magic
14 September, 2011

Coca-Cola, Sky TV, Vogue and T-Mobile have all filmed on Brighton Pier in the past. This week, budding Brighton magician, David Stewart, was swallowing cards and reading minds whilst a sea of bikers flooded the pier. The impressively self taught BIMM student was being filmed by friend, James Stoner, whilst drawing in the crowds for James’ university project. It all convinced me to visit the pier’s clairvoyant- apparently Choccywoccydoodah will be filming on the pier for The Good Food TV channel in the next couple of days...   

Amongst the bikers taking on the Rodeo Bull and very safely dressed for the Dodgems, it was nice meeting the Turner family as they came out for the Ace Cafe reunion nearby and enjoyed a stroll down the pier. Hope the Henna worked out ok?!

You can check out the photos of David Stewart, the charity fundraisers on the pier and the biker invasion in our Photo Albums and on our Facebook page. 

And for more info on using Brighton Pier in a film, advert, photo shoot etc, check out our Corporate Film & Photography webpage.

Best of luck to David and James, I’ll catch up with you soon.


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